2013 Authors

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                                                      2013 Dayton Book Expo Top Sellers

Adonte Cherry

Street Royalty 937 I’m So Sincere


Eric Ellis

Diversity Conversations


Doris Stokes Knight



LaShai Wood

Between the Sheets


Tanji Dewberry

Oh, Fiddlesticks!

Children’s / Teens




Duffy Brown, author of  Iced Chiffon

Adonte Cherry, author of Street Royalty 937 “I’m So Sincere”

Constance Cupps, author of Lies and Love in Saint Paris

Roanne FitzGibbon, author of Lies and Promises of the Secret Moon

Annetta Hobson, author of Light in the Shadow

Shaunta Kenerly, author of  Escaping the Allure of the Game

Mercedes King, author of O! Jackie

Bradley Latham, author of Haunted Hotel

Joshua Lisec, author of  The Phoenix Reich

Kimberly Lunansky, author of How to Teach Your Kids to Swear

Madasin Mayfair, author of  Wanderlust Love & Hate

Marlene Mitchell, author of Seasons of Death

Eliot Parker, author of Breakdown at Clear River

Divinity Rose, author of Man-Made Troubles: The Five-Minute Frankenstein

Is Said*, author of I Been Here Before

Andrew Toy, author of The Man in the Box

John Turney, author of Innocent Blood: Equinox of Reckoning

Lawrence Weill, author of Incarnate

Gary Yeagle, author of Iron Fist Velvet Glove



Dexter Bailey*, author of All In: Creating Success from Within

LaTonya Branham**, author of The Academic Prayer – An Inspirational Guide for College Success

Jackie Cummings Koski, author of Money Letters 2 My Daughter

Eric Ellis, author of Diversity Conversations: Finding Common Ground

Linda Hawkins*, author of Yes, Real Women Do Sweat

Silvia Lathen, author of The Unlatched Door

Robert Lawson, author of Dare to Be a Millionaire

Valerie J Lewis Coleman**, author of Self-Publishing Made Easy

Kimberly Manigault, author of Victory in the Workplace

Gail Miller*, author of True Love Has a Passion for You!

Elaine Pereira, author of I Will Never Forget

Toni Perry Gillispie, author of I’m Here, Now What?

W. James Richardson*, author of Hardly Inferior Nor a Burden to America: Significant Achievements and Contributions of African-Americans

Angil Tarach-Ritchey, author of Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom

Jerald Tillman*, author of The SuccessGuide

Karen Ander Francis, author of On the Edge of the Known World: Prayer and PTSD

Stephanie Halfacre, author of Dream Quest: A Journey of Significant Vision

Toneal Jackson*, author of Inspiration from A.B.O.V.E.

E.N. Joy, author of The Sunday Only Christian

Doris Stokes Knight, author of Praise – The Foundation for Servants of the Worship Arts Ministry

Rose Kurtz, author of The Answer: The Road to Peace

Jacquie Lewis-Kemp*, author of Blessed Assurance: Despite the Odds

Cookie McGee Wray, author of The Heart of the Psalmist-A Worshipper’s Devotional and Journal



Sonyetta Anderson, author of Life: Excerpts from…Things I Got from a Place Called Life

Tiara Church, author of A Broken Heart is Never Broken

Kristen Henley, author of Pouring Out of My Soul

Kimberly Sherrelle Lawson, author of Wet Whispers

LaShai Wood, author of Between the Sheets


Children’s / Teens

Susan Bradley, author of Unraveled

Lauryn Marie Burks, author of My 100 Hands

Tanji Dewberry, author of Oh Fiddlesticks!

C. J. Goff, author of Crinkles, the Dog Who Couldn’t ‘Woof’

Tyline M. Hood, author of I Love You So Much, Goodnight.


Biography / Autobiography

Karen Allen*, author of In the Midst of a Storm, God is Creating a Masterpiece

Kenneth Spruce, author of Love Letters to Sierra: The Affectionate Expressions of a Divorced Father