2014 Authors

~ Featured “celebrity” author

* Returning author

** Dayton Book Expo Co-Founders

2014 Dayton Book Expo Top Sellers

Ponce Baldwin

Erotic Verses


Calvin Baldwin, Jr.

Grace – Building Wealth One Penny at a Time


Victor Couzens

Marketplace Mentality


Garrett Carter

I Want to be a Teacher and an Athlete

Children’s / Teens




Scott Bachmann, author of The Paragon of Animals

Ponce Baldwin, author of Erotic Verses

Yvonne Brown, author of If It Isn’t Love

Kathy Coogan, author of Babies’ Breath Stories of the Sad, the Sick, the Evil

William Fredrick Cooper~, author of Unbreakable: A Love Ballad

David Crawford, author of Delta G

Judith Daxon, author of Secrets

Rebecca Fellrath, author of A Lily at Dawn

Tracee Ford, author of Idolum: Visions of the Undone

Charmaine Galloway, author of Girlfriends Secrets

Debra Gaskill, author of Lethal Little Lies

Michael Hixson, author of Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

Saundra Jones, author of Forbidden

Tanisha Jones, author of Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Kim Kendall, author of Sweatin’

Addie King, author of The Grimm Legacy

Denise Dee Martin, author of Memoir of a Vampire from a Born Again Teenager

Johnny McDowell, author of A Shift in My World

LaToya Moore, author of As I Breathe

Steve Myers, author of Garden of the Falling Moon

Eri Nelson, author of  Heated Calls From Change: Dearhart Clan Series, 3rd Volume

Jimmie Rich, author of 216 Ways to Die (A Cleveland, Ohio Horror Story)

Is Said*, author of I Been Here Before

Mogda Walker, author of From Faith to Faith

Tiana Washington*, author of Camden

Jeanette Watts, author of Wealth and Privilege

India Williams*, author of The Real Hoodwives of Detroit

Stefani Wright, author of Satisfaction



Calvin Barlow Jr, author of Grace – Building Wealth One Penny at a Time

LaTonya Branham**, author of The Academic Prayer – An Inspirational Guide for College Success

Valerie J Lewis Coleman**, author of I Love Myself: Companion Journal from The Forbidden Secrets of the Goody Box

Latonya Collier, author of Show No Fear!

Andrea Foy*, author of In the Still of the Night – Personal Safety for Women

Jackie Cummings Koski*, author of Money Letters 2 My Daughter

Jacquie Lewis-Kemp*, author of Blessed Assurance

Rosalind Osinubi, author of Freedom and Justice for All: My Life and Dayton Civil Rights History

Linda Pauley*, author of Effective Immediately…This Company is Closed!

Diann Auld Reitelbach, author of Catching the Thief: A Story, A Search, and Schizophrenia



Tonya Baker~, author of Worship Beyond the Song

Randi Bibbs, author of Single, Saved & Sane

Victor Couzens, author of Marketplace Mentality

Melanie Houston, author of When the Devil is Beating His Wife: A 90-Day Plan to Recover from Domestic Violence

Emma Huffman, author of Ghetto Dreams

Melissa Ishman, author of Big Sexy Sanctified Hoochinomics for the Voluptuous Woman

Armeda Jones, author of Being Open to God

Doris Stokes Knight*, author of Worship: The Foundation for Servants of the Worship Arts Ministry

Raynell Lawson, author of Your Pain Has Purpose

Gail Miller*, author of True Love Has a Passion for You!

Jose Tate, author of Living Without Them – My Journey With Loss

Louise Wilson, author of Giving Men Back Their Rightful Place


Children’s / Teens
Garrett Carter, author of I Want to Be an Athlete and a Teacher

Meaghan Fisher, author of Mousekablitz

Dwedor Ford, author of L is for Liberia

Nancy Slezak, author of Money Talks

Rebecca Yee, author of The Adventures of Pookie


Mervyn Seivwright, author of Prism Butterfly Odes