2015 Authors

* Returning author

** Dayton Book Expo Co-Founders


2015 Dayton Book Expo Top Sellers

Dionna Walker

Devious Deeds


Linda J. Hawkins

Yes, Real Women Lose Weight


Dachele McCray

Journey of Life through Poetry


Marcella Ashe

God is Universal

Children’s / Teens



Ponce Baldwin*, author of Operation Cover-Up: Rise of the Black Mamba

Mila Ballentine, author of Desperate Trails

John Brackett, author of  Suffer the Little Children

DeLisa Bracy, author of Her Heart

Doug Coates, author of  Pitching for Success; Character Lessons the Joe Nuxhall Way

Trace Conger, author of The Shadow Broker

Judith Daxon*, author of Secrets

Mark Donahue, author of Last at Bat

Michael Eldridge, author of Jack of Harts-A Spaghetti & Rice Mystery

Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson, author of Enter the Moon

Brian Hershey, author of Forgotten Sin

Michael Hixson*, author of Don’t Knock It Till You Try It

Crystal Hoblit, author of Catching Raindrops

Annetta Hobson*, author of Light in the Shadow

Christopher Joseph, author of Road Kill, The Alpha Engagement

Shaunta Kenerly*, author of  Escaping the Allure of the Game: The Game Ain’t Over

Sherry Lucille, author of Love Changes

Anne Marie Lutz, author of Sword of Jashan

Nanette Marie, author of Mamas’ Drama

Tameca McClendon, author of To Remove and Rebirth the Woman

Jacqueline Moore, author of The Canary

Ellen Moye, author of Luci’s Journey

Barbara Polak, author of Boomerang Lies

Mike Pratt, author of Unguarded

Steve Pribish, author of Banners: For God, Tsar and Russia

James Ryhal, author of Ezra’s Journal

John Sheppard, author of Seeds of the Bitter Harvest

Andrea Smith, author of Silent Whisper

Tim Smith, author of Nick Seven Collection 1

Christopher Speight, author of Turf Warz

KW Taylor, author of The Red Eye

Chatiela Underwood, author of Eyes Wide Shut

Dionna Walker, author of Devious Deeds

Tiana Washington*, author of Crescent Sun: Sons of Blood

Carolyn Williams, author of Mystery in the Pines



Starmel Allah, author of The Righteous Way

J. Frederick Arment, author of The Economics of Peace: Freedom, the Golden Rule and the Broadening of Prosperity

Lena Arnold*, author of Scenes From the City-Poetic Pictures of Urban Life

Daniel Baker, author of Blood in the Streets: Racism, Riots and Murders in the Heartland of America

Linda Ball, author of 185 Days; School Stories

Steve Bennish, author of Scrappers: Dayton, Ohio and America Turn to Scrap

LaTonya Branham**, author of Academic Prayer-An Inspirational Guide for College Success

Charlotte L. Brown**, author of Beacon of Hope: Surviving Abuse

Sue Comisford, author of Ranger Creek Guest Ranch: Real Life, Real Faith

Michael Dean, author of What If I had a Father?

Glenda Dugar, author of In My Own Words

Brian Forschner, author of Cold Serial: The Jack the Strangler Murders

Linda Hawkins*, author of Yes, Real Women Lose Weight: Drop Pounds Forever with the B.A.S.I.C.S.

Rosie Huart, author of Painting the Essence of Greece: Painting Poetry with Photography and Haiku

Sandi Latimer, author of Poodle Mistress

Theo Makombe, author of The Race for Life: Memoirs of a Rwandan Genocide Survivor

Leah McCullough, author of Freedom from Fibromyalgia: 7 Steps to Complete Recovery

April Allen Poe, author of  Passing Life’s Little Tests – My Life Before and After Parkinson’s Disease

Trenee Pruitt, author of Damaged Goods Hurt By the Church

Mina Raulston, author of Home Should Be Safe: Hope and Help for Domestic Violence Victims

Julia Royston, author of Message to the Masses

Maranda Russell, author of From Both Sides: A Look into the World of Foster Care from Those Who Know It Best

Brian Schell, author of The Five-Minute Buddhist

Catrina Sparkman, author of Doing Business with God: An Everyday Guide to Prayer & Journaling

Fannie Cooley Sullivan, author of Love Lifted Me: The Story of Fannie Billingsley Cooley Sullivan

Yvette Williams, author of Diary of a Diva



Porsche Armstrong, author of Happily Ever After: Biblical Womanhood, the Pursuit of Christ…and Marriage

Sandra Blythe, author of Poetry in Different Colors

Gail Carpenter, author of God Didn’t Have to Make the Crickets Sing

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman**, contributor to Love. Hope. Faith.

Mary Detweiler, author of When Doing Isn’t Enough

Ahlumba Harris, author of Release and Unleash: The Path to Greatness

Titus Joseph, author of Our Curious World of Mirror Images

JR King, author of Path of a Victor

Doris Stokes Knight*, author of WORSHIP- The Foundation for Servants of the Worship Arts Ministry

Sue Markovitch, author of I Know What To Do, I Just Don’t Do It

Thara McGuire, author of Walking by Faith

Dachele McCray, author of Journey of Life through Poetry

Aurelia Palcher, author of The Peanut Principle

Janean Phillips, author of At Whitt’s End

Sherlynn Rachelle, author of Against My Will

Mervyn Seivwright*, author of Spiritual Tear Fall: A Godly Poetic Storehouse for Life

Tina Toles*, author of Perfect Peace

Mark Winkle, author of I Will Fear No Evil

Indi Wright, author of Spiritual Wickedness in High Places



Frederick Alexander, author of Mommy, Jesus is Up in the Sky

Marcella Ashe*, author of God is Universal: A Girl’s First Novel

Fabu Carter, author of Poems, Dreams & Roses

Garrett Carter*, author of I Want to Be a Singer and a Veterinarian

Tyffani Dent, author of You Got This! A Girl’s Guide to Growing Up

Mary Clare Evans, author of Joseph’s Heart: A Story of Adoption

Ellen Fritz, author of Mira

Mary Grant*, author of Floyd B’s Pond

Jennifer Jacobsen, author of Not My Hat

Cintia Roman-Garbelotto, author of These are Numbers

Leaora Pierce, author of  Life with Robbie: Robbie’s Big Move

Annie Ruth, author of My Daddy Reads

Alena Smith, author of A Loud Echo from the Hallway

David Warren, author of Mealtime Guests

CQ Wilder, author of Karla the Dog