India Williams

India Williams

India Williams

The Real Hoodwives of Detroit

 Real Hoodwives of Detroit by India Williams

Welcome to Detroit, Michigan, home of the grittiest, ill’est, hardcore, crime-infested, poverty-stricken neighborhoods in the country. Sometimes referred to as the Murder Capital—for the huge murder rate that never ceases to surprise us—The Murder Mitten or The Dirty Glove for the state’s shape on the U.S. map.

Detroit is home to many; scholars, rappers, athletes, parents and concerned citizens, but the streets belong to those in the underworld: addicts, dealers and the women who help run the show from behind the scenes…The Real Hoodwives of Detroit!

You won’t see these ladies on any television show, but you will see them make appearances in court for their men’s hearing, or at the county jail on visiting day. You might even catch them riding shotgun with a nine tucked in a Fendi bag…waiting to pop off and protect their men at any cost. And of course, they make appearances in the hood, twenty-four seven…three-hundred-sixty-five days of the year!

Follow Nikki, Tonya, Chloe, Mina and Gucci as they ride you through Detroit, one city-block at a time. Watch as the tales of the black and dangerous unfold right before your eyes. In Detroit, only the raw and real survive to see another day. These streets are known for breaking the weak and leaving the strong helpless.

Scared? You should be….WELCOME TO DETROIT!

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $15

ISBN: 978-0-9852280-0-2