Sharon Short

My One Square Inch of Alaska

My One Square Inch of Alaska is a coming-of-age ‘book club’ novel about a pair of siblings in a gritty 1953 paper mill town in Ohio, yearning to break free of the strictures of their family, their times, and their town. When Donna’s little brother Will decides that he wants to earn a deed to one square inch of the Alaskan Territory through a cereal company and TV show promotion, Donna at first finds his quest childish. But when he becomes ill, she decides to help him fulfill his quest… and his dream to actually visit his land. In so doing, she learns to reconnect with her own dreams and to understand how the unfulfilled dreams of those around her impacted her family’s life and tragic past. Ultimately, this novel is about the power of dreams, and how believing in them for ourselves–and helping others with theirs–can set us free.

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $17.00

ISBN: 978-0452298767

City: Dayton, Ohio

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